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Understanding the opportunities of space. Questioning what is possible. Manipulating and extending the boundaries of architectural thinking. Bringing the outside-in.

L+ Architects draws on a wealth of experience working with both commercial and residential clients in the UK and overseas.

Each design is bespoke and carefully crafted. Our Principal Architect, Pablo Lambrechts, formed L+ Architects in 2018 with his wife Lindsey, a Landscape Architect and Gabriella, his sister a Senior Architect, in Spain. Together with an agile, dynamic team their mission is to create beautiful spaces that blur distinctions between in and out, manmade and nature.

How we work

The Commercial Architectural Service involves taking a client’s brief then designing and managing the process of the delivery of a building.

It can be a new building, housing project, alterations, or conservation of an existing building.

The Service can be divided into specialist areas from feasibility studies, planning permission submissions, building warrant submissions, construction drawing packages, tender documentation and contract administration. Partial services may be appropriate if a project is not proceeding from start to finish as a whole.

We understand the importance of our relationship with you the client.

The architectural process thrives on placing a high value on personal service. Clear roles, responsibilities and points of contact are set up. All concerns are taken seriously, whether about design, a cost matter or any other point.


Attention to detail is crucial to the high quality of their designs and this ranges from maximising light and air quality to including green walls, roofs and wildlife friendly homes built into the very fabric of the buildings.


The fundamental of creating excellent projects is good communication between all parties involved and an appreciation of what qualities and skills each can bring to the table for each bespoke project. We have been fortunate to work with like minded practices who respect and share similar architectural philosophies. We know as architects that it can be sensitive to give one’s design to another practice to build and we have great respect for this. Our attention to detail and communication ensures that subtle details and critical proportions are respected.

Whatever the building, wherever the location and whoever the design architect is, we take enormous care over realising its full potential and beauty.

L + R E S I D E N T I A L

L+ Architects are award-winning London and Devon architects and designers. We are dedicated to the creation of sustainable buildings and places. We create intelligent architecture, interior design and garden design for London and Devon clients to find solutions to critical questions facing us today: such as how to make a low carbon home, how to bring the outside-in, how to design for wellbeing and joy.

What makes us really stand out is the way we incorporate intelligent and expert technology-led solutions to acoustics, insulation, sustainability whilst maximising space, and this alchemy together with an original concept will bring cherished elements of surprise and joy to your homes.

L + C O M M E R C I A L

At L+ Architects, we strive for a design-led yet practical approach to Commercial Architecture.

We have a strong background in commercial architecture, and we are practised at focussing on combining function with style to meet both corporate and commercial needs. Our expertise means that our clients maximises investment potentials and minimises risks.

L + L I V I N G

Our LIVING side allows us to look at the designs that both integrate and compliment the new design spaces created through our architecture.

By employing the LIVING team we can ensure seamless integration on a design level where the language of the spaces with be complimented

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